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Guided Meditation for Stress Relief

This is a stressful world we live in.

Most of the time we are running around in a race against time, trying to fit three lives into one. We have all sorts of distractions pulling us in many directions. One of the best investments we can make is to take time to be with ourselves.

Fifteen uninterrupted minutes a day would boost our immune systems and clear our minds so we can accomplish more with less effort and stress.

Meditation is not only for “the new age-ers” and yogis, but for people who want to be more conscious.

Meditation is for people who want to be healthier and on the cutting edge of awareness.

For those who want to evolve and grow toward their highest potential, who are interested in expanding their minds, meditation is a great tool. At Meditation Healing, we offer guided meditation classes and techniques for reducing stress for those who want to learn to work on themselves. Contact us today to see how we can help.

Do you meditate?

Do you stop the “daily do,” sit with yourself, and just be?

It doesn’t take long to get into an altered state, a feeling of well-being.

It doesn't take long to feel a sense of euphoric relaxation and bliss.

You can obtain a “high” better than any drug or alcohol.

You can experience a feeling of liquid love flowing though your being.

With time, your mind will slow down its incessant chatter.

You will experience more time in the now, rather than the past or future.

You will have more clarity and focus in your daily routine.

Fifteen minutes a day is all it takes. The more you do it, the easier it gets.

Give yourself the gift of meditation–the greatest gift you can give yourself (and others).