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Traveled 72 countries in Europe , Africa and the Middle East at the age of 19
Educated in Europe and the USA, Columbia and NYU, graduated SUNY degree in Languages
1969 assistant to Michael Lang, producer of the first and great Woodstock Festival

Ticia Agri did The 40 day and Three Week trainings with the Arica Institute. She attended the EST trainings, worked as a Rolfer, advanced certified by the Rolf Institute, for 25 years.

In the 1990’s she lead a meditation group at The Light and Healing Center in Exeter, NH. where she created The Ribbon Breath Meditation. She studied over 4000 hours of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Ticia received a three year training certificate from Center IMT, for Integrative Manual Therapy, trained with the carrier of the medicine for the Aztec nation, Tzenwaxolokuatli, studied Plant Spirit Medicine with Eliot Cowen, studied shamanism 7 years, with Dr. Ray Henshall, who gave her a teaching certificate in 2007.

She has taught shamanic classes and worked as a karmic healer in Italy, France, the UK and the United States. She is currently doing long distant healings as well as working as a meditation guide to teach students to journey with their spirit teachers to the upper, middle and lower worlds in a safe and ethical way with the proper protocols.
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