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Shamanic Guided Healings

Healings are performed by an
advanced practitioner

- For those who are experiencing the result of "Bad Karma"; Fear, poor character, Lonelyness and sorrow, illness, accidents and injury, interpersonal conflicts and victimization.
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Our Price: $250.00

Meditation Healing Sessions

Request a healing by a trained, practiced and experienced advanced healer.
phone: 530-621- 2213 OR Text 603 686- 0433
  • Receive in depth discussion of your birth karma
  • Experience a healing to reduce your karmic load
  • Experience more well-being and bring yourself to a better future

If you are experiencing bad karma or re-occurring karmic re-patterns, causing you fear, victimization, illness, suffering, low self- esteem, accidents, etc., you can benefit by getting a healing to reduce your karmic load. In time, your future will change for the better. You were born with this karmic load and your birthdate is a good indicator of your karma.