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What is The Ribbon Breath Meditation?

The Ribbon Breath Meditation is a journey through the chakras-- the energy system of the human body--to promote body, mind, emotional and spiritual health and balance.

Why The Ribbon Breath Meditation Works When Used as a Tool

The Ribbon Breath Meditation takes you into a deep state of relaxation and an altered state of consciousness. It works as a meditation tool because it uses the body, the Chakras, the music, the color frequencies, and the voice of Ticia Agri to get you deep inside yourself on a sensory basis. When you use this meditation daily, you develop new neural pathways to make it easier and easier to go deeper and deeper inside yourself. By going inside, we find our selves, our focus, our power. By being deep inside your body, your conscious awareness of the world around you grows. Your immune system improves and your mind becomes more clear with less chatter. The Ribbon Breath Meditation will help you develop the right brain, the creative side of your brain.


The Ribbon Breath Meditation was created by Ticia Agri for the weekly meditation group at The Light & Healing Center, in Exeter, NH, in 1996. It was so well-received by the group that they asked Ticia to record it for everyone to use daily at home. It was set to music by Chris Decato and Ticia Agri at Fishtracks recording studio in Portsmouth, NH in 1997.

Over one hundred and fifty cassette tapes of The Ribbon Breath Meditation were given out at a workshop, and within a three-year period, two thousand more were sold to people who heard the tape through their friends and wanted a copy of their own. When the supply of cassettes ran out in late 2003, the original recording was made into a CD and the information booklet was added to the package. The CD became available for sale in April of 2004. The Ribbon Breath CD is considered by many to be the best meditation CD available on the market today.
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Electronic delivery of The Ribbon Breath Meditation MP3 & Chakra PDF Booklet.
Guided Meditation CD
The Ribbon Breath Meditation CD
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More than just an audio meditation CD, The Ribbon Breath Meditation is vitamins for the soul. It will put you in an altered state of well-being and is your guide for your journey through the chakras–the Energy Centers of the Human Body. The accompanying 20-page booklet explores each chakra in-depth, detailing each chakra and the mantras, actions, foods and color frequencies that stimulate each one.

Each copy of The Ribbon Breath Meditation costs just $20.00 (plus shipping and handling) and includes the 15-minute audio CD, the 20-page booklet, and several free Breathe! Stick-ons.

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Sample The Ribbon Breath Meditation:

Ribbon Breath Meditation CD
The following excerpts are provided for you to sample The Ribbon Breath Meditation before purchasing:

Listen: The Heart Chakra Sound clip from the CD in MP3 format, approx 3.5 mb
View: The Fourth Chakra An actual page from the booklet in PDF format